What is the best year Les Paul?

1959, of course...  but who has an extra 375k to spend?


les paul.gif

Every Gibson Les Paul made from '68-’12 has been a compromise and some of them have been down right awful examples of the guitar.   Pancake bodies, short tenon neck joints, laminated fret boards, silly neck volutes, wide fat frets, ceramic pickups, incorrect  penetrometer values and weight relived bodies alows the list to go on and on.

If you want the best example gibson has made since 1959/1960 look for the Custom Shop Reissues built in 2013 and 2014.   These represent the best value and true to the original construction we have seen yet.      Sure there are some nice guitars from other years, but you will be hard pressed to find more consistant examples then the two years listed and the custom bucket pickups from '13 +, are the best gibson has done since the '57 PAFs   

Don't get me wrong, 2015-2018  have some nice examples as well, but the price increase and  improvments in the build techniques, have a marginal return.